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Ultimate Party Q & A: Sahara Beck

Sahara Beck Panacea

Sunshine Coast singer-songwriter Sahara Beck has had a busy couple of months, releasing a new music video, playing at Bluesfest, completing her upcoming album ‘Panacea’, and announcing her album tour! We asked her about her ultimate party ahead of performing at AAA Backstage’s 5th B’day Party at The Foundry.

You’re hosting a party! What bands or artists are invited?

I’d use my time machine to go back and grab a couple of people. Prince, Michael Jackson – he’d be fun to dance with, Louis Prima and his band – they’ll be fun to have there for the jam too, all the dudes from Led Zeppelin – I’d have a throne ready for Robert Plant, Eddie Murphy, and his brother Charlie murphy, the dudes from Pond – they seem like they would be fun, Dave Grohl, James Brown, David Bowie, Nancy Sinatra. It would be a party for all spaces in time!

What is the dress code/theme?

Everyone has to wear sparkly things that will shine and bounce onto the walls, I’ll have little multi coloured laser lights moving around the room from the ceiling.

What is your secret party trick?

I’ve already had to go back in time to get some of these people to be at my party. I have shown them the future, the greatest party trick of all.

What are the contents of the Kings Cup?

Champagne, wine, ginger beer, and spiced rum.

Which drinking game do you dominate or dominates you?

I once played a drinking game to ‘Oceans 11’ based on these rules we found on the Internet, basically every time someone says a certain word we had to drink. But it was something ridiculous like, every time George Clooney blinks or something. By the time we were 20 minutes into the movie I was already completely munted. Probably gonna not play that one again!

What’s the party jam? What tunes have everyone dancing?

I get everyone to bring their latest dance music demos so we can play them in the background and suss out which songs catch your attention. Once we run out of demos I would totally put David Bowie on a piano, give Robert Plant, James Brown, and Prince a mic, get Louis Prima up on the horns, and Jimmy Page on guitar. Jam time!

Tell us your white girl wasted story!

We toured The Beach Boys for a few shows last year and after our first performance my drummer and I got completely smashed through celebration (I mean come on… we had just supported the beach boys!). We walked/stumbled back from our dressing room so we could watch The Whitlams and The Beach Boys perform and went side of stage. We were standing about a meter away on their right just throwing our arms around in the air and singing along and dancing with each other and to the band with the biggest smiles on our faces.

In my memory I feel like the whole band was smiling at us like “the support act is having a great time, awesome!”. But DJ and I didn’t realise we were dancing right in front of the power board and every time DJ moved, his bag would swing around his waste and keep nearly hitting the power switch and bumping out all of the connecting cables that were making the sound work on stage. That is still one of my best memories dancing side of stage to Surfer Girl while all the band point at us yelling “Yeah man!”.

Anyway we got asked to leave the backstage area because we were being too excited near all the important equipment I guess. So we were like “Alright!” and quickly ran around the audience and got into the mosh pit at the very front of the audience, a few people gave us dirty looks but at the time all I could think was they would do the same if they were in my position!

Top 5 songs to be on your party playlist?

In no particular order, American Boy – Estelle & Kanye West, Let’s Dance – David Bowie, Love Cats – The Cure, Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough – Michael Jackson, and Jungle Boogie – Kool and the Gang.

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to about AAA Backstage’s 5th Birthday Party?

Catching up with all the groovy Brisbane/Sunny Coast bands on the lineup, it’s going to be the most exciting 5th birthday party I’ve been in invited to!

Sahara Beck is appearing at AAA Backstage’s 5th B’day Party at The Foundry alongside The Jensens, Ayla, Lastlings, Machine Age + many others!

AAA Backstage’s 5th Birthday Party
The Foundry, Brisbane
Bands Start 7pm
Get Tickets HERE
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Sahara Beck’s new album ‘Panacea’ is set for release Friday 22nd April. Check out here tour dates HERE and her music video for Here It Comes below!