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US Crooner Coyle Girelli Announces New Album and Unveils The Achingly Beautiful Single, ‘Here Comes My Baby’.

There is an effortless cool about US troubadour Coyle Girelli that seeps through and pervades every pore of his new single ‘Here Comes My Baby’. Reverberated, scything guitars underpin his extraordinary voice – a fusion of Roy Orbison, Nick Cave and a choir of angels – while a jingle jangle cloak positively shimmers and billows around the mix. The accentuated guitar riff creates a mesmerising cut through the dreamy sonic landscape, while Girelli’s ear for aching melodies and anthemic choruses is effecting and raw.

Girelli says of the track:

Here Comes My Baby’ has a dreamy indie vibe that I loved living in as I created it.  Lyrically, it’s pretty simple… it’s about craving the body of a lover in an uncertain moment of strangeness.  I had a running playlist that I listened to pretty much every day while I was writing and I think a lot of them influenced this track, and the album.  Some of the main ones on there were Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone, Hamilton Leithauser, Cigarettes After Sex, The War on Drugs, Big Thief and Bruce Springsteen.

While the influences resonate, Girelli has his own style: an air of loucheness and observational distance delivered antithetically with a dreamy pop warmth.

This is an epic and beautiful dream pop track.

You can stream and download ‘Here Comes My Baby’ here. The single release coincides with the announcement of a new album, ‘Funland’ due out on 25 February 2022. I’m looking forward to this.

Girelli has an Australian connection too: he has worked with Peking Duk side project Keli Holiday, as he recounts:

I’ve known and worked with Adam and Rueben of Peking Duk for a few years now. I’ve written a bunch of songs with them both and even toured with them as guest vocalist in the US and in Europe shortly before COVID lockdown.  Song Goes On came out of one of those writing sessions and Adam and I continued to work on it for his Keli Holiday project. I love how it came out and am thrilled that it’s getting love in Australia and from triple j. Adam and I have been busy writing a lot more for Keli Holiday in the last few months. Some right tunes to come!


Written by Arun Kendall