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Vancouver Sleep Clinic Releases Breathtaking Single “Lung”

vancouver sleep clinic

Following sold-out tour dates in Australia and Europe, Brisbane folktronica artist Vancouver Sleep Clinic a.k.a. Tim Bettinson is back with a chilled new track called Lung! Bettinson burst onto the scene in 2014 with his self-released EP ‘Winter’, its quirky blend of indie, folktronica, and R&B quickly exceeding expectations and drawing a global audience.

The first track of Bettinson’s upcoming debut album, Lung will also be the first release since the success of ‘Winter’. The dream-like track builds on a repeated piano riff throughout, weaving in subtle strings and synth elements to great effect. Bettinson’s chill-inducing vocals are a standout, working perfectly with the repeated piano riff  to leave a lasting impression.

The dreamy track is accompanied by an eerily beautiful animation created by artists Pandagunda and Pilar Zet. The video perfectly matches the atmosphere and flow of the track. Starting off as a human rib cage, shapes almost resembling flowers begin to move over it in an eerily inorganic way, shrinking and growing as the track ebbs and flows. As the track draws to a close, the shapes slowly disappear, leaving the rib cage bare.

Lung, like other tracks on the forthcoming album, was written during a volunteer trip to Cambodia and the Phillipines, an experience which put Bettinson’s own circumstances into acute perspective. The resulting songs follow his “journey of finding my place in the world and finding my feet in what I was doing.”

If Lung is anything to go by, Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s debut album, set to be released later this year, will be a dreamy folktronic masterpiece. Check out the lead single Lung below!

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Lung Art