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The Veils Unleash Catchy Yet Demonic New Single

The Veil

The Veils have recently dropped Low Lays The Devil, the second single released from their upcoming album ‘Total Depravity’.

The single highlights the vast experimentation within ‘Total Depravity’. Stepping away from first single, Axolotl, Low Lays The Devil replaces electronic beats and a more synthesised vibe with a more rock driven, indie-pop fusion that has us excited to hear more!

An abundance of shimmering guitar and effected vocals, Low Lays The Devil sounds like the lovechild of The Black Keys and Nick Cave. With everything from driving riffs to grooving keyboards, the new single would be a staple on the Splendour MainStage if The Veils were on the bill.

On the meaning behind the single, vocalist Finn Andrews said:

It’s a song about The Evil One, Big King Below, the fallen angel. It’s got a beat as big as a house and it’s coming for you in your sleep.” 

The Veils will release their 5th studio album, ‘Total Depravity’ on August 26th.

Written by Sam Muggleton