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Velociraptor Kick Off Summer With Joyful 90s Single “Hunk With A Hunch”


Off the back of their mini-East Coast tour earlier this month, Brisbane’s finest indie-rock supergroup Velociraptor, featuring members of DZ Deathrays and Jeremy Neale, have finally graced us with their new single Hunk With A Hunch.

In their usual fashion, the 10-piece’s latest effort features plenty of vocal harmonies alongside two surprising key changes in the last 30 seconds of the track. Hunk With A Hunch also brings Velociraptor’s signature surfy rhythm guitars into the mix, bringing to mind the likes of 90s icons Third-Eye Blind and Nine Days. Along with a totally scuzzy guitar solo to round out the song, this short ‘n sweet track is the perfect way to kick off your summer!

Vocalist, T-Rax star, and all round (Sega) dreamboat Jeremy Neale said the song is about a hunky beach detective who thinks he’s got his life sorted out.

“But he’s about to find out that when it comes to true love, the only thing you can be sure of is that it’s very real and it’s forever,” says Neale.

The beachy vibes in their previous single Dollarmite perfectly flows into the new single with ease, featuring the same jangly guitars and charming vocals from Neale. Along with their 2012’s single Ramona being straight out garage-rock, Hunk With A Hunch could only be described as Velociraptor reimagining that joyful 90s pop-rock sound.

If Hunk With A Hunch is any indicator for a follow up to Velociraptor’s 2014 self-titled album, fans can expect something great to come from Brisbane’s largest supergroup!