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Vena Klymo Delivers the Perfect Pop Vibes on Her Latest Single, ‘Soft Spot’

Vena Klymo is back with her latest single, Soft Spot, and it’s the perfect alt-pop gem to warm your spirits on a chilly winter morning. Known for her genre-fluid style and folk roots, Vena has crafted an eclectic, feel-good track that’s both catchy and groovy.

Soft Spot is an upbeat, playful song filled with clap-back energy, capturing the frustration of being misunderstood. This new sound marks a fresh era for Vena, promising fans a delightful surprise. The track was recorded and produced in Bellingen with Lttle Kng, following a creative process that involved exchanging voice memos from various towns. The accompanying music video, directed by Vena herself, adds a twisted and comedic touch, enhancing the song’s quirky vibe.

After years of writing and refining her music in the Australian bush, Vena’s return with Soft Spot is a long-awaited treat. She has spent countless nights connecting with nature and occasionally performing with artists like Kim Churchill and Phil Jamieson.

While Vena hints that the true passion lies in her songwriting process, Soft Spot offers an enticing taste of what’s to come. Vena’s latest single delivers a perfect ride of energy and infectious vibes. Soft Spot is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra