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Verge Collection Release Music Video So Australian It’s Made Out Of Nollsy’s Tears


Snugglepot and Cuddlepie can rot in hell, the most Australian fairy tale to ever exist has made its way into the world and it’s all thanks Perth outfit Verge Collection.

For their latest single Our Place the band has released a music video that rivals Blinky Bill sizzling in Australianess. A true tale of mateship, it involves a hitchhiking Australian Hagrid who, in classic Big Friendly Giant style, aids our comparatively scrawnier hero in fixing his car, and then have a slumber party involving beer and blueberry muffins. Also the giant can shrink. It’s like Ant Man, but more punk rock.

The song itself is also fantastic. If Slim Dusty and Courtney Barnett merged themselves into one entity and started a band it would probably sound like Verge Collection. Our Place does not back down from the rambling soliloquy style vocals laden with all the terminology we know and love. It’s super relatable too. “And it must be pretty nice/Living off something other than tuna and rice”. See, they get it.

The track is a catchy, Aussie twang infused spectacular. With a chorus that sings, “Yeah but wait/You can stay at our place/It’s getting late/And you’re still on your P-Plates” this song could totally be used in conjunction with the Mates Motel initiative by the Queensland Government.

This lo-fi Aussie act is something everyone and their mate should definitely get around. They have a knack for translating all your thoughts and feelings into buzzy rock n’roll. Now if they could just write a song about Shannon Noll…

The lads won a spot at Southbound earlier this year and have just supported Saskwatch for the WA leg of their tour. If you’re eager for more, you can nab Verge Collection’s latest EP ‘Our Place’ HERE.