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Verticoli Share 5 Albums That Influenced Their Sound

Carrying on from their heralded previous single ‘Sailor‘, Nipaluna/Hobart-based alternative-rock trio Verticoli have announced their astute successive single ‘Pride & Legacy‘, the latest taste from their new record ‘The Echo‘ – due out WednesdayNovember 9. Today the Band share with us 5 albums that influenced their sound.


Nevermind – Nirvana

An amazing album of great songs and excellent production. I love the balance of toughness, sweetness, attitude, humour and melancholy. Kurt turned his darkness into a positive that was relatable to many people. The ‘grey area’ of emotions that many of the grunge bands covered in the 90s appealed to me.


Relationship of Command – ATDI

This album gets called post-hardcore, but I dunno if it is. It’s a hybrid of punk, thrash, metal, and experimental. A fundamental change of pace from In-Casino-out. A band that was fun to watch change in exciting ways! And also fun to watch them destroy the stage and themselves at live performances.


Slip – Quicksand

Discovering Quicksand was like finding a kindred spirit. A band with a similar affinity for riffs, groove, a bit of quirkiness and melody. They are a super exciting band that still kick start.



I once read the chillies were the led zep of the 90s. That’s probably not totally true, but the musical virtuosity and melding of genres are definitely things both bands share. There are only one or two songs worth skipping on this album out of 17, which is pretty impressive!

Led Zeppelin IV

Led Zeppelin are the template for bands who want to cross genres and push back against being shoe-horned into a tidy little genre box. Led Zeppelin IV is such an epic album that shows how much they were capable of and is the benchmark for a band like us. They sound at home on acoustic ballads and proto-metal bangers. Gods.

Verticoli’s new single, Pride & Legacy is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra