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VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Dawes Party Hard In “We’re All Gonna Die”


In the wake of their last successful release ‘All Your Favourite Bands’,  Dawes are now gearing up to drop their optimistic new album ‘We’re All Gonna Die’, and it may or may not be a coincidence that their first single is called When The Tequila Runs Out.

The track starts in a slurry, late-night style with raw electric guitar, hazy synthesiser melodies, and strangely well-placed bell chimes. Keeping the instrumentation to a minimum and the vocals toned down through the verses, the band leaves plenty of room for expansion in the chorus, and expand they do, throwing harmonic vocal layers over a warm guitar and synth combo. It’s the ultimate party song to kick off the slow burn ahead of a long night.

If a good old night of recklessness and bad decisions is your thing, the music video will be your new favourite escape. The band have captured a house party in all of its unadulterated glory, splicing together shots of tartan-wearing hippies playing tennis racquets guitars, girls shaking confetti through their hair, and men in suits pouring champagne into blenders. And the best part? It’s all in slow motion. Trippy.

Frontman Taylor Goldsmith said because the songs from Dawes’ upcoming album were all written in a very short period of time, the mood took on an unusual consistency. “Pretty much every song on this record explores a difficult situation and tries to find a way to find the good in it, or at least remind yourself that it’s not always that big of a deal.

Check out Dawes’ music video for lead single When The Tequila Runs Out below!


Written by Jess Martyn