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VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Local Natives Dance In Projectors for “Villainy”

Local Natives

Sound breaking news! LA collective Local Natives have officially given the green light on their third album ‘Sunlit Youth’, which will be buzzing through our headphones on September 9. But what are we supposed to do until then? Watch the video for their new single Villainy.

Villainy is the perfect chaser to their vibrant debut release, Past Lives. Guitarist Ryan Hahn says the song is about “realising that you have the ability to change your situation, that you can start again any day”. The track encapsulates this exuberant flavour, and is crafted together with swirling synths, and scrumptious harmony hooks. It’s awe-inspiring and will make anyone want to start anew.

The video itself is a visual love letter projected onto abandoned warehouses and seedy vans. These sparse locations represent the perfect blank canvas for a fresh start. Bold text, littered with the occasional typo, blaze onto the technicolour background, and bring these faded locations back to life.

If your vision-board is no longer doing the trick, turn to the Local Natives for some inspiration. Villainy is the perfect track to revive your dreams, and your playlist!