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VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Mighty Boys Go To The Races In “Dapto Dreaming”

Mighty Boys Video

Ahh, heading down to the track to have a punt. The classic pastime that has somehow grown to form part of the fabric that is the ‘fair dinkum Aussie bloke’. You don’t agree? Well just ask Melbourne garage punks Mighty Boys. They’ve just dropped a music video for their catchy tune Dapto Dreaming, exploring the highs and lows of Dapto, and the grim realities of Greyhound racing.

For all those who are unaware of the ‘great’ Dapto Greyhound track, it’s something of Australian folklore. It has played host to many a historical moment, it has seen lives changed, and it’s the place where dreams are realised.

However, it’s also seen beers spilt and lives ruined. The wildly ambitious punter’s losing it all, winning it back, only to lose it all again.

A lifestyle summed up perfectly in Mighty Boys’ new video, the 7-piece demonstrate the dull atmosphere of track life. However, on deeper analysis the song itself is an ode to Australia’s darkest cultures. Dapto Dreaming pokes fun at the mentality of punters and Greyhound trainers, questions notions of masculinity, and explores animal cruelty.

The video itself is a low-fi, often humorous look into the ‘punter culture’. Spilled beers, acting like clowns and putting bets on, an innocent enough trio of activities that can lead down such a perilous path. The song and video themselves, whilst on the surface appear funny and nonchalant, contain great depth in terms of subject matter that we here in the AAA office were quite impressed by.

In a music industry full of pop artists singing about sex, drugs, and work (work, work, work, work…. sorry), it’s a nice change of pace to hear local musicians put out music that is meaningful and wanting to make a difference. Mighty Boys will be playing a one off show this weekend in Melbourne, if you’re in town check it out!

Mighty Boys Live Show
w/ The Dead Heir & The Shabbab

The Curtin, Melbourne

Tickets are FREE at the Door!

Written by Sam Muggleton