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VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Slow Club Show Us Their Day For “In Waves”

slow club

Boy-girl duo Slow Club show us a glimpse into the life of singer, Rebecca Taylor, with a new music video for their second single In Waves, that features from their forthcoming album ‘One Day All Of This Won’t Matter Anymore’.

Rebecca takes us through her daily happenings as we become part of her life through the GoPro attached to her head.

Waking up from a slumber, we check Rebecca’s phone and social media before she starts her day with caffeine and a bubble bath.

The video shows us both the unglamorous and fast-paced side of Rebecca’s life, as scenes switch from unrolling toilet paper, shaving her legs, and watering plants, to beaches, bars, and road trips.

Of course we have an appearance from her guitar player, Charles Watson, during band practices and dinner, where subtitles reveal a gripping conversation about ground almonds and broccoli.

The main focus of the video becomes apparent as we begin to understand Rebecca’s life through a different lens.  The small, insightful glimpses into her mind present a more personal touch, as we see her googling “reasons to go vegan”, “Victoria Beckham colonics” and “grilled cheese”.

It is this humour that contrasts the seriousness of the issue –  that Rebecca feels the Internet is ruining her social life.

Complimenting the lyrics of the song, the video reveals her ups and downs, experiencing life at full speed until she slumps back into her bed, consumed by her phone.

Slow Club’s new album ‘One Day All Of This Won’t Matter Anymore’ features In Waves and is due for release this Friday, August 19.

1. Where The Light Gets Lost
2. Ancient Rolling Sea
3. In Waves
4. Silver Morning
5. Come On Poet
6. Sweetest Grape On The Vine
7. Give Me Some Peace
8. Rebecca Casanova
9. Tattoo
10. The Jinx
11. Champion
12. Let The Blade Do The Work