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VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Trapdoor Social’s “Second Chance”

Trapdoor Social

Trapdoor Social released a new music video for their older song ‘Second Chance’, and it might just be the weirdest thing you’ll see all day.

The video begins with a black-and-white image of a marquee in the 1950s and an old janitor starting his shift at the theatre.  The camera suddenly jumps to frontman Merritt Graves in a hospital room, tripping on some form of medication.  We know he’s a tad loopy because he’s surrounded by a multitude of crazy clowns and people wearing disturbing animal suits, who are preoccupied with looking creepy and playing Nintendo on one of the many TVs in the room.

“The twisted and light-hearted video had us laughing and questioning (wtf?) from start to finish.”

Next, we take a peek into Merritt Graves’ vivid dream world where clowns still prevail, where weird pod-like robots are capable of performing surgery (or rather, are able to give the impression of being surgeons by hilariously tapping on the patient’s body with oblong plastic instruments), and where Graves is an illusionist and part-time ballroom dancer.

Upon waking from his lucid state to find himself still surrounded by the circus that dominated his dreams, Graves decides to create a makeshift cannonpult-type contraption in order to open the door and escape from the hospital.

Next comes the mass shooting.  Yes, that’s right, the clowns and life-sized animals get their hands (and paws) on some pretty intense firearms and turn the hospital reception into a massacre, killing every robot surgeon in sight.

We catch another glimpse of Graves’ ballroom dancing moves before the video comes full circle with the old janitor from the beginning mopping the theatre.

The twisted and light-hearted video had us laughing and questioning (wtf?) from start to finish.  Take a peek into Trapdoor Social’s warped world below!