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VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: What In The Wheat Is Happening In Sampha’s Video?

sampha tree

UK artist Sampha has created his first ever…mostly-Sampha…music video and his wheat game is on point! It’ll make sense once you watch it.

It’s a stunning yet enigmatic clip for his single Blood On Me. The track itself is a unique brand of silk-spun British electronic-pop with a tinge of soul, showcasing Sampha’s always warm-and-worn vocals.

The clip stars the London producer/songwriter as he seemingly explores a distant wheat field in illuminati level mysteriousness. Sampha does a lot of cross country running feat. corn, grey hounds, and the flying car from Harry Potter.

Here’s our take on the video, psychoanalysis style, watch it and see if you agree:

Sampha has found himself in nightmare where the dogs are symbols for average people who run in circles chasing what they can never achieve. Old mate then collapses in a wheat field which illustrates the contrast between being loved and being alone (deep).

The wheat itself is symbolic for those bland two-dimensional people who conform to the norm, y’know the ones, an exaggerated perception that pulls Sampha down into their vanilla starbucks nothingness.

When it cuts to the race tracks, the nightmare continues! The dogs ignore him because in Sampha’s subconscious the dogs see him as nothing worth acknowledging – just another poor grain crop. This is where sh*t gets real – Sampha ft. flying car crash into a tree where the plants grow through him.

Sampha is dead and apart from an ode to the ‘Chamber of Secrets’ he has arrived at the final destination. It’s an epic illustration that nothing lasts forever as the car comes crashing down from the willow tree.

– Thank you high school English –

Sampha’s talent extends beyond songwriting with a history of credits for artsits such as SBTRKT, Drake, and more recently Frank Ocean’s ‘Endless’, while also appearing on Kanye’s latest album. Blood On Me is set to feature on his forthcoming debut album ‘Process’. Check out the video below!

No wheat was harmed in the making of the video…probably.

sampha art

Written by Tom Vu