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Love Thy Neighbours With New Virtual Reality Drums


Just in case your week hasn’t been exciting enough yet, insanely clever scientists Richard Lee and Yann Morvan have blown our minds with the invention of Aerodrums, a virtual drum kit that promises not to piss of the neighbours.

This cool new product uses a virtual reality headset that allows you to ‘see’ the drums in front of you as you wave your hands and drumsticks around, learning proper technique at the same time.

It’s air drumming, taken to a whole new level.

So to all you hopeful Dave Grohls and Ringo Starrs, get your set list sorted and start planning your virtual show!

Richard Lee’s personal inspiration for developing Aerodrums came from his younger days as a budding drummer.

“When I was young, I played drums, and had problems with the neighbours. With this, I can play in the middle of the night and won’t disturb anybody!” Lee said.

“When you put on the virtual reality headset, you can actually see the drums right in front of you.”

Unfortunately the Aerodrums aren’t available in Australia yet, but keep your fingers and toes crossed that they’ll hit our shores soon because these things are freaking cool!

Check them out in action and prepare to be amazed.