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Wafia Returns With Pop Electronica Gem, ’83 Days’

Australian vocalist and songwriter Wafia returns today with her new single ’83 Days’! Co-written with Ben Abraham and produced by Toro, ’83 Days’ is the is her first solo release since her debut XXIX EP in 2015 and the first track from her forthcoming EP set for release via Future Classic.

Opening straight up with a romantic sun drenched synth vibe, 83 days sucks you in for a glorious electronica pop ride that we have come to know Wafia for. Lyrically, it seems like a breakup style track, however it’s the soft and sweet production which gives you that warm winter sun feeling. Pushing the boundaries of pop and gelling it in with broken beat electronica this tune is great for any playlist.

This song comes after someone I love wouldn’t stay. I developed an obsession with noting down the ways their absence was so loud and present,” says Wafia.

“How intangible they had become. How intangible the memories I was left with are. How I reminisce on only the highest points of the situation that I know were so bad for me. How something that ceased to exist anymore could be felt constantly.”

’83 Days’ is the most recent release from the 23 year old Netherlands born, Brisbane-based Wafia Al-Rikabi, which follows the collaborative ‘(m)edian’ EP with label mate Ta-ku and the duo’s subsequent world tour.

Written by Chris Lamaro