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The Wait Is Over! Two Door Cinema Club Return With “Na Na Na” Banger

Two door cinema club
After three very long years since their last release, the boys from Two Door Cinema Club have finally returned with a new track Are You Ready (Wreck). The song is fresh off their upcoming album ‘Gameshow’ which is set to be released early October, and boy it couldn’t come quicker!

The brilliant British trio have taken a decent holiday since their 2013 EP ‘Changing Seasons’ and are well over due for an Aussie tour after they so tragically pulled out of the 2014 Splendour In The Grass. But take a deep breath and relax, Are You Ready (Wreck) satisfies all your Two Door Cinema cravings, sounding a lot like their sophomore album ‘Beacon’ but with a bit more upbeat happy-go-lucky flair.

The track begins with a chorus of kids chanting a super catchy harmony with a little bit of hand clapping that’s all tied together with their adored energetic guitar riffs. It’s looking like their sound has progressed into a more refined pop sound in comparison to their debut album ‘Tourist History’. This being said, frontman Alex Kimble’s familiar falsetto vocals and their unique mix of guitar parts will definitely satisfy the longtime TDCC fans.

The track has a lot of resembling traits as Wake Up from their previous album, both with an interesting intro and an upbeat chorus of instruments. It really makes you want to pick up a guitar and sing a long with a sh*tty Australian-British accent.

The anticipation for the new TDCC album is definitely lingering in the air with the release of this new track, we are certainly in for a (game) show!