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Wallflower Standing Out With Soothing Debut EP

Wallflower Press Shot

Hailed as Canberra’s best-looking skeeze-pop band, Wallflower are in full bloom with the release of their debut EP ‘Wallflower’ on Friday. Frontman Henry Waldren’s trademark personal lyrics create a fascinating contrast against his autotune voice, upbeat guitar, gentle pulsing drum rhythms, and soothing harmonies.

Waldren describes the band’s sound as “pop music that’s been sent to outer space, washed with a dirty rag, and sprinkled with artificial sweetener”.

triple j Unearthed feature song Soliloquy is the first track from ‘Wallflower’ with a tune as moody and angst-ridden as a high school dance. The lyrics were born out of Waldren’s personal struggle with depression and self-doubt, and the instrumentation brilliantly conveys the emotive force behind his words.

Next, Wallflower tackles a cover of Woods, perfectly capturing Bon Iver’s signature dreamy vibe. If it sounds familiar, it’s probably the hints of Kanye’s hit collaboration with Bon Iver on Lost In The World.

Feathers comes to life with soft drums, a punchy bass line, and smooth vocal harmonies. Be prepared for a vivid daydream – this song has the power to take your imagination to another realm.

The instrumentation and rhythm match up brilliantly in summery track Fabricated. A punchy bassline works perfectly with upbeat guitar and soft, steady drumming. If you’re after feel-good vibes, this track has you covered.

In the EP’s final track, Ambien, the simple melodic patterns will have you enthralled and anticipating every perfectly-placed note. It’s like an addictive, psychedelic mix of electronica and pop – if you’re a fan of Owl City’s hit Fireflies this will be your new favourite song.

Each track from ‘Wallflower’ is a mesmerising blend of synthetic and traditional instrumentation. With a debut this captivating, Wallflower won’t be unknown for long.

Written by Jess Martyn