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Want Yeezy, Mumford & Sons, or The National To Sing Your Lyrics?


Mumford & Son’s multi-instrumentalist Ben Lovett is teaming up with Global Citizen to create a crowdsourced compilation album called ‘Metamorphoses’ in hopes to end extreme poverty by 2030! Other heavy weight artists onboard this impressive world scale collaboration are Kayne West, Ellie Goulding and The Nationals! Yep, you read right. This means Kayne could be rapping your shapes!

‘Metamorphoses’ will be a 12-track worldwide collaboration that will consist thoughts and feelings from anyone who submits which will then be translated into music! Submissions have already begun with people entering short stories, poems, one line reflections containing content of any topic and in any style or language. These words will be the basis from which well known artists will create tunes from!

Ben Lovett explains, “Everyone knows that music is a powerful force that for thousands of years has inspired change, given hope, and provided healing to people. In my opinion it is the purest form of communication, as the subtleties of tone and pitch alongside words and lyrics, allow for a subtlety and precision in expression that we are yet to define solely in our respective languages.

“‘Metamorphoses’ will transform your thoughts and feelings into Music, giving a voice to the words that might well inspire change, give hope or provide healing for other citizens around the World. And you’d be surprised, often by being most honest and most personal, though it may not seem relevant to others, we find ourselves being the most relevant.”

Global Citizen is organisation who’s mission is to fight extreme poverty, inequality and to create a sustainable way of living and what better way to do it by through the gift of sound. So if you want to help take action and join the fight submit HERE!