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Warwick Smith Reveals New Pop-Punk Anthem, ‘Aurora’

Sydney pop-punk sensation Warwick Smith is back with a bang, dropping his latest single, Aurora. This track is a vibrant homage to his punk roots, serving up a gritty, high-energy sound that’s sure to resonate with fans of the genre.

Written, recorded and engineered while working on a live set list while sick in bed, Smith was inspired by punk legends like Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day and delivers a bold, distorted anthem that pulses with the beat of a cowbell. Aurora captures the raw essence of punk-rock, blending explosive arrangements with a catchy, rebellious spirit. The song tells the story of a past lover, likening their fleeting presence to the dazzling aurora borealis, adding a poetic twist to the relentless energy.

“I treated this like a time capsule, so it’s got that thick fuzzy guitar in it like Green Day were doing, those Weezer vibes with the harmonies throughout it… it’s like my childhood embodied in a song” – Warwick Smith.

Smith’s dedication to keeping the emo and punk youth culture alive shines through in every chord and lyric. Aurora is more than just a song; it’s a statement. It’s about staying true to the music that defines you and channelling that passion into something new and exciting.

Crank up the volume, embrace the energy, and let Warwick Smith’s Aurora light up your playlist.