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Wash Park Reveals His Sunny New Single, ‘There’s Still Time’

US indie artist, Wash Park has just released his dynamic new single, There’s Still Time. It follows from his 2022 releases, Why Do I? and My Best.

When this one landed on my desk, I wasn’t sure what to expect, given this young guy only has a handful of releases under his belt, but wowee, what a wonderful surprise. There’s Still Time is almost an instant classic.

From the moment you hit that play button, you’re lifted into a soft hazy cloud of indie delight. Soft and gentle melodies pop off with a toe-tapping groove that instantly gets lifts your mood. A rich range of musical delivery with a super bright sunny vibe takes you off to a field of sunflowers. It has moments of psych moments topped with a beachside rock vibe.

Wash Park is Keaton Dean, he’s been making music in his bedroom since the age of 14, and with only three singles under his belt, we can tell the future is bright for this guy. An excellent tune to bring sunshine into your world, There’s Still Time is available everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro