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WATCH: 82 Year Old Man Blasts Through Drowning Pool on America’s Got Talent

82 man

When asked about heavy metal, most grandfathers probably think you’re talking about that old tractor sitting in their farmhouse. Well not John Hetlinger, the former Navy pilot and Aerospace Engineer from Colorado who recently absolutely ripped through a cover of Drowning Pool’s metal classic Bodies on America’s Got Talent.

The retiree recently appeared on the hit TV show in front of an unsuspecting audience which included judge Simon Cowell. Cowell and the other judges were visibly shocked with Hetlinger’s opening roar. It’s safe to assume no one was expecting anything as remotely heavy as Drowning Pool, let alone for it to be done so awesomely.

Speaking to Cowell onstage before his performance, Hetlinger revealed his previous occupations, which included being one of the people involved in repairing the Hubble Telescope.

Despite his amazing achievments however, when asked by Cowell, “After everything you’ve done, why have you decided to come on the show this year?”, Hetlinger replied, “Well this would be probably the highpoint of my life and my many careers”.

Suffice to say if Jason Moreno (the current singer of Drowning Pool) ever leaves the band, they know who to contact…