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Watch Bring Me The Horizon Perform With Orchestra For Charity


Metalcore turned Nu-Metal rockers Bring Me The Horizon have once again decided to mix it up by performing a set of their greatest hits to date with the help of an entire orchestra at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Eric Clapton once said, “It’s a selfish thrill to play with in orchestra”. BMTH are however playing the one-off concert to raise money and awareness for the Teenage Cancer Trust, absolving themselves of any selfishness. The entire performance was filmed for a special live DVD and is slated for release in September, with all profits to be donated back to the charity.

The live performance, as evidenced by footage shot by fans in attendance, was appropriately grand in its ridiculousness. It also marks the live debut of ‘That’s The Spirit’ tracks Oh No and Avalanche. This obviously isn’t the first time a hevay band has played with an orchestra, but it does come across as one of the most competent examples. We’ve yet to reorganise our mental ‘orchestra-collab’ ranking list, but it might just edge ahead of Aerosmith.

Bring Me The Horizon’s keyboardist Jordan Fish spoke about wanting to take the orchestral show on tour. “I’ve got this mad idea that we want to take it on tour, but I don’t know whether it could ever happen. Our booking agent the other day said, ‘Imagine doing this at Sydney Opera House.’

“I guess you just hire a local orchestra because the score is written. You rock up and just do it. It seems almost a bit of a shame to go to all this effort for months and months for just one night.

“In the back of my mind I’m thinking maybe we’ll get a chance later on in the year or next year to do a select handful of big cities with a big orchestra. It would be so cool to do these crazy venues like Sydney Opera House.”

It’s probably worth mentioning Bring Me The Horizon are having a headlining tour this September. Maybe the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra could do something like this

Bring Me The Horizon ‘That’s The Spirit’ Australian Tour*

HBF Stadium, Perth**

Riverstage, Brisbane

Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

AEC Theatre, Adelaide

Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne

*All shows are All Ages and Licensed
**Show is All Ages only

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