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Watch Coachella Weekend 2 In 360-degree Vision

Coachella 2016 Banner

Like us, you’ve probably spent most of your weekend watching the three Coachella live channels on YouTube while wishing you were there instead of on your couch or on your bed surrounded by your favourite fluffy teddy bears…

For the second weekend of the one of the world’s most talked about music festivals, the Google-owned video website will make the couch potato experience even more awesome!

YouTube 360-degree videos were introduced in 2015 and give viewers an interactive experience a.k.a allowing you to move your mouse or tilt your mobile to view every angle available (360 degrees baby!).

Using drones and other features that are to be launched during live streaming of the second weekend of Coachella, this 360-degree live streaming concept will be used at the live shows of Dawn Richard, Run The Jewels, The Kills, and Matt & Kim.

Even more illusion of space and depth will be added to the 360-degree viewing stream with another feature called “spatial audio” that’s designed to match different audio levels from various sources that viewers can come across.

So this weekend invite some friends over and just have a mini-fest in your living room! Or Coachella and chill…

Watch a 360-degree video from the first Coachella weekend below!

Coachella 2016 Lineup