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Watch Yaysh Get Pretty Damn Wild In New Music Video

Yaysh Wild Love August 2016

Watch out! Yaysh could quite possible be Miss Steal Your Girl 2016! Now based in LA, the rising singer and rapper has released the music video for her new sexy and compelling single Wild One. The funky track is the first official single from Yaysh’s untitled debut album.

“I would say my style could be described as if Adele and Kanye had a baby, and Drake was my cousin,” says Yaysh.

As audacious as that statement is, Yaysh can back it up with her addictive pop melodies with a street delivery with her funky rap verse. Her strong yet sweet voice coaxes you in while the track strikes hard in the background, building up to the pounding beats she serves melodies in a way that’s both seductive and thug.

The music video for Wild One is a passionate release for Yaysh and draws a picture of her leaping into desire. You get to watch her get down in the club and propagate the sh*t out of her open sexuality, it’s definitely an expression of how she rolls – wild, fearless, and sexy.

“I want people to feel free when they hear my music and almost a little embarrassed or stripped cuz my sh*t is just real and inescapable, magnetic, and delicious.”

All in all, the songstress is a distinctive new force in the pop scene and we can’t wait to hear more from her when her debut album drops later this year.

Check out the music video for Wild One below!