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Wesley Black Unleashes Sonic Fury with New EP ‘EVERYTHING WILL CRASH AND BURN’

Wesley Black, the alternative hip-hop meets punk sensation, has just dropped his latest three-track EP, ‘EVERYTHING WILL CRASH AND BURN.’ Exuding an undeniable fierceness and a razor-sharp punk attitude, this EP is an audacious blend of genres, incorporating elements of alternative rock, punk, pop, and hip-hop. Wesley Black’s fearless approach to music is on full display here, pushing boundaries and showcasing his unapologetic creativity in a frenetic musical experience.

Ever since his debut, Wesley Black has been a master of musical alchemy, skillfully blending genres to craft his distinctive sonic universe. His artistry traverses the spectrum from hard-hitting, bass-throbbing hip-hop to the mellow and contemplative vibes of indie jams. Wesley Black remains an artist unbound by conventions, fearlessly charting his own course, and with ‘EVERYTHING WILL CRASH AND BURN,’ he takes his sound to thrilling new heights. The EP unleashes a relentless onslaught of gritty, wall-to-wall pop-rock anthems, driven by pulsating breakbeats and laced with a relentless barrage of fiercely delivered verses. Wesley Black continues to defy expectations, proving that he’s an artist who thrives on pushing the boundaries of his craft.

“EVERYTHING WILL CRASH AND BURN is a music project about ego and self-confidence. I feel that it’s been a long time since I’ve stepped away from my vulnerable side to produce music that accentuates my love of life, and these three tracks are exactly that. This EP is a project for the moment, as in the end – everything will crash and burn if I don’t take control of it. These three tracks tell a story of ego and aggression rising, only to discover that eventually there’s only so much you can do in a short life. After it’s all said and done and everything crashes and burns, your legacy is all that is left.”  – Wesley Black. 

‘EVERYTHING WILL CRASH AND BURN’ stands as a testament to Wesley Black’s unapologetic musical evolution, a blazing chapter in his ever-expanding sonic journey. It’s available now, everywhere.

Friday, Sept 8 – 6degree, Albany | Free Entry
Saturday, Sept 9 – The River, Maragret River | Tickets
Saturday, Sept 30 – Lynotts Lounge, Perth | Tickets


Written by Chris Lamaro