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What Is The Death Gate?

Suspense has manifested on the internet over the question ‘What is The Death Gate?’, a website ticking down the seconds until the 30th of June. As the countdown draws near to the end, it has people wondering what exactly is “The Death Gate?” And what will happen when the gates open? It may possibly be a new album, song, or even a new musician/musicians, but who really knows.

With “Death Gate” being an old computer adventure game from 1994 could there be a connection? Could this old game be possibly resurrected into a new form? For players of this vintage game, they had to retrieve items from worlds. Except to travel between worlds the main character (Haplo) had to journey through the Death Gate. Could this Death Gate possibly be a reinvented classic? Only time will tell what exactly this internet mystery is.

Written by Allysha Bianco