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Whitechapel Stream New Album ‘Mark Of The Blade’ Ahead Of Release

Whitechapel MAIN

American deathcore titans Whitechapel have announced a stream of their new album ‘Mark Of The Blade’ ahead of its scheduled release date.

‘Mark Of The Blade’ follows on from the band’s 2014 album ‘Our Endless War’ which saw the band move in a more general metalcore direction as opposed to the guttural darkness of their earlier work.

‘Mark Of The Blade’ sees Whitechapel moving towards more of an accessible, mainstream-friendly sound in contrast to the general chaos which defined their earlier albums.

The addition of clean vocals ‘Mark Of The Blade’ has touched a nerve with several fans in the deathcore community proclaiming Whitechapel “sellouts” and accusing them of letting their fans down.

In response to this, Whitechapel’s frontman Phil Bozeman caused controversy several months ago while railing against the metal community’s purported elitism. You can judge the new recordings for yourself below.

‘Mark Of The Blade’ is set to be released on June 24th via Metal Blade Records (what a happy coincidence). You can stream it HERE, courtesy of Vans Warped Tour.