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Why We’re Looking Forward To Lonely The Brave ‘Things Will Matter’

Lonely the brave

English alt-rockers Lonely The Brave have been pretty busy lately, releasing several singles and music videos from their upcoming album ‘Things Will Matter’. The Cambridge group’s sophomore release is set to be a masterclass in brooding rock and we’re keen as mustard to get our hands on it!

The lead single Black Mire was released earlier this year, a powerful, uplifting song layered thick with punctuating guitars, varied drumming, and soaring vocals. The song is reminiscent of Australia’s own Birds Of Tokyo and has a catchy chorus that you’ll be humming to yourself for days, “What if I said that this ain’t the one/Thick black words of a bellowed tongue”.

The most recent single, Rattlesnakes, is fast-paced and attention grabbing from the get go. The song wastes no time, launching into a thick wall of sound filled with ringing guitars and driving drums. Frontman David Jakes says the song is about those intolerable people in your life. “Ever met someone in your life where you just can’t stand each other? The more you meet the worse it gets? This is Rattlesnakes,” says Jakes.

The music video for Black Mire is simple yet kind of confronting. It features a close-up shot of Jakes fading in and out of shot as he sings. The clip is dark in colour, which is fitting for the song title, and it feels almost as if the viewer is intermittently flashing a torch on Jakes. The music video for Rattlesnakes is equally as dark in colouring, but features more varied shots including close ups of trees in a forest, a person in silhouette, and a dog on a leash.

This imagery fits well with the theme of the song as each image shown makes the viewer slightly uncomfortable, similar to the people you just can’t stand. Overall it gives a desolate vibe, further driving the intensity of the music.

Lonely The Brave manage to bring something new and unique to the alt-rock genre, which is why we’re so keen to hear the full album! Each song develops as it progresses, builds in intensity, then fades away where needed. The dynamic control the band possesses in their song sculpting is a real thing of beauty, as each song takes the listener on a journey as it dips up and down in intensity.

‘Things Will Matter’ is scheduled for release on Friday, 20th May.

Things Will Matter Lonely The Brave