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Will Baker Walks us Through the Recording Process of Recent Single, ‘Eddie’

Sydney up-and-comer Will Baker has just released his second single for 2024; the layered, expertly written indie-pop single ‘Eddie’.

Following the success of ‘Racing Car’ released earlier this year, Baker keeps the ball rolling with ‘Eddie’; showcasing some seriously impressive songwriting and a buttery, infectious vocal performance that feels destined for the big stage. Thematically, the track reflects on past relationships, and the difficulty of watching old friends follow dark paths as life moves forward.

“Eddie is about watching people you grow up with turn into people that they said they would never be.” – WILL BAKER

Today Will shares with us the songwriting and recording process behind the new song.

I remember getting to Giac’s and Us talking about people we know with Addiction. I was going through a time where one of my mates growing up was really becoming an addict. Was super scary and my whole thing was that I didn’t want to stand up and be the bad guy for what seemed fun for the rest of my friends and him. It’s something that I still haven’t really spoken about because it’s hard to know if it’s even the right timing to have a conversation like that. Even though that Last sentence sounds pathetic, am I just too weak to tell the truth? 

I started playing the Chords and Giac quickly recorded it all in, I then just had him work on the beat for a bit while I wrote down some lyrics. 2 hours later we really had the song. 

After playing it live for 3 or 4 months I went up to Lukes to Record it where really he just took it to the next level. We had Giac record drums on the song as well so it’s really our sound as a band. 

When We were writing the Music video I really wanted to take advantage of the Big sound that this song really is. It was really an Ode to all the Music i grew up around as well, Guns and roses, Bon Jovi, INXS and Bowie. 

Written by John Zebra