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WILLOW Unveils Sixth Studio Album ‘empathogen’

American singer-songwriter WILLOW has dropped her highly anticipated sixth studio album, empathogen, marking a pivotal moment in her musical journey. The album showcases WILLOW’s evolution as an artist, delving into themes of healing and self-discovery.

Unlike her previous works, which grappled with anxiety and paranoia, empathogen sees WILLOW embracing tension and duality, weaving together elements of light and dark, playfulness, and depth. Through a meditative mix of jazz and powerful conversations, she embarks on a quest to become a fuller, more authentic version of herself.

The album features collaborations with acclaimed musicians Jon Batiste and St. Vincent, adding layers of technical musicianship and pushing musical boundaries. Batiste’s explosive yet methodical presence can be heard on the track “home,” while St. Vincent lends her visionary touch to “pain for fun.”

WILLOW recently wowed audiences with a captivating performance of select tracks from empathogen during her Tiny Desk session, offering fans a glimpse into the album’s soul-stirring melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. With its fusion of ancestral energy and contemporary soundscapes, empathogen solidifies WILLOW’s status as a ground-breaking artist unafraid to explore new sonic territories.

Written by John Zebra