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Winter’s Coming Q & A: Reid Cooper from Mary Handsome

Mary Handsome

Brisbane seems to always churn out awesome rock bands, and new-ish kids on the block Mary Handsome are definitely upholding the status quo. Their 2015 debut EP thrust their bedroom pop-rock into the ears of local fans and tastemakers, leading to the quartet firmly establishing themselves in the local scene. We asked the band how they’ll cope with the imminent cold snap and the story behind their latest rockin’ single Not Hot No More.

You’re chilling at the North Pole and you run into a polar bear. Who in the band would be most likely to try and ride it?

Definitely Lewis. Well he’d have a go anyway…most likely naked too!

Who would make friends with a penguin instead?

Dan. However he’ll maintain a sensible distance away from them, as he wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings or intrude on their activities.

What’s the first thing you would eat after waking up from hibernation?

Assortment of seasoned fruits and falafels.

Imagine you’re snowed in and Frozen sing-a-long is playing on TV. Who would happily watch it and who would go insane?

Hmm…Reid will definitely go insane. Lewis will continue to sing it and piss Reid off. Roy would be totally unaware of the crisis at hand. Dan will have no problem as he continues to keeps warm by the fire drinking rooibos tea and smoking a ciggy.

Describe your daggiest cold weather outfit?

Mum’s leg warmers with Essendon footy socks over the top, followed by a hefty double- plugger-induced camel toe of the forefoot (if leaving house). To keep the legs warm, tracksuit pants from Year 8 that end up being three quarter length, ensuring the Essendon socks are visible. And for the torso, grandma’s lovely knitted turtleneck sweater with a Christmas tree on it, which smells of soap and is itchy.

Which member of the band builds the best snowman?

Dan. Little meticulous Dan. Reid would get bored and wouldn’t last five mins…

For the uninitiated, how would you describe Mary Handsome’s sound and live show?

Vibey pop-rock that paints a montage of surf, with a new-wave approach to dancey groves and obscure riffs. Our live show is something you’ll have to check out…it’s pretty sweaty.

We’re loving your latest single No Hot No More, what’s the inspiration or story behind the song?

No Hot No More is a song about change – a change in season as we approach colder times. More specifically, the song tries to be ‘wild’ to coincide with the big wild swells of winter. Although winter is cold and the days seem shorter, No Hot No More is a positive, end-lass summer homage.

There’s also a bit of a satirical/political stance represented by the fact that water temperatures of the ocean are still warm even though we approach winter of 2016. This isn’t normal. This may be lovely, but these hotter waters are what is causing the coral bleaching of the great barrier reef. The land we all live on is something held quite close to our hearts.

Written by Max Higgins