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Wolf Alice Get Even Angrier In “Yuk Foo”

You might think that Wolf Alice are an angry band. One of their previous tracks, You’re a Germ, contained the lyric “Where’s Mum and Dad So you can tell them/You’re a dodgy fucker as well” in a track that all about sleezy dudes getting with young women. While those lyrics might not seem particularly aggressive, it’s the snarling attack with which they’re delivered that sends some shivers up your spine.

And it’s with that same burning rage that Wolf Alice are back in our ears! Their latest single, Yuk Foo is the first taste of their upcoming sophomore album, ‘Visions Of A Life’, and if the title of the song doesn’t quite give it away, there’s a bit if that trademark anger coming through again!

From the outset, you can tell that this will be one of the band’s heavier tracks. Gritty guitar work, clanging bass, and plenty of amp feedback sell the rawness and emotion of the composition. The intro and choruses opt for a harsh sounding guitar layer with some melodic plucking as front woman Ellie Rowsell screams out “You bore me, you bore me to death/Deplore me? No I don’t give a shit”.

Taking a note from Nirvana and a number of other 90s alt-rock outfits, the verses bring it down a few notches, with some almost whispered vocals on top of muted guitars and a constantly driving drum beat. However, these parts are no relent from the anger, and you can sense the rage bubbling beneath the surface. Like the creepily calm person who works for HR. They’re keeping it together, but now is not a time to f*ck around.

The song’s anger isn’t necessarily aimed at anyone, and Rowsell says she wanted to write an anthem that could be used by anyone for any of their problems.

“For me a lot of it is about being a young woman. Even the shit, everyday wolf-whistle thing. As I get older, I feel like ‘Why have I always put up with that?’ When I sing that kind of song, it’s everything that I want to do when that happens,” said Rowsell of her own interpretation of the track.

‘Visions Of A Life’ will be hitting the shelves, both physically and digitally on September 29th, and the band says there will be a lot of surprises for people who think they know what Wolf Alice is all about, including some shoegaze and an eight minute epic closer!

While we can’t wait for the album, check out Yuk Foo below!

Written by Max Higgins