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Wolf & Chain Return With New Single, ‘Phantom’

Adelaide-based alt-rock outfit, Wolf & Chain, known for their unique brand of dark, aggressive pop and chaotic anthems, has recently released their goosebump-inducing single, Phantom.

After the triumph of their EPs ‘An Honest Mistake’ and ‘Amor Mortal,’ Wolf & Chain returns with a refined mindset and a sound that has been sharpened to perfection. ‘Phantom’ signals a new era for the band, exemplifying their growth and evolution. With a matured and accessible approach, they fearlessly explore uncharted territories within their musical repertoire. The track serves as a testament to the band’s artistic progression, capturing the hearts of both loyal fans and new listeners alike, as they continue to push the boundaries of their alt-rock prowess.

Influenced by a life-altering experience, ‘Phantom’ emerged from a pivotal period when the band sought solace and inspiration at a secluded farm, diving into the depths of their creative beings. While recording demos, the members found themselves grappling with illness and encountering an eerie, enigmatic presence that seeped into their songwriting. The result is a haunting and potent track that serves as a testament to their resilience and inner strength, documenting the profound journey of self-discovery amidst adversities they bravely confronted. ‘Phantom’ stands as a powerful reflection of their collective will to overcome challenges and transform darkness into an evocative musical masterpiece.

Finding inspiration in collaboration, Wolf & Chain joined forces with Josh Meyer of Those Who Dream, whose creative input played a significant role in shaping the essence of ‘Phantom.’ Together, they ventured beyond familiar territory, pushing the boundaries of their musicality to new heights. The track stands as a pivotal moment for the band, marking their emergence from the shadows and fully embracing this exciting new direction. With Josh’s fresh perspective adding depth and dimension, ‘Phantom’ serves as a powerful testament to their artistic growth and willingness to explore uncharted sonic landscapes.

Wolf & Chain’s new single, Phantom is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra