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World of Disney Q & A: Mayfair Kytes

Mayfair Kytes

Mayfair Kytes are releasing their debut album ‘Animus’ on April 1. To celebrate, we caught up with frontman Matt Kelly about all things Disney – puppies, genies, and heroes included!

You’re in Wonderland and find the bottle saying ‘Drink Me’, who thinks drinking it’s a bad idea?

In our band ANY of us would be like “yay, free drink!”.

Scar’s about to push Mufasa off the cliff, who’s heroic enough to run and save him? Who’s spiteful enough to resonate with Scar?

Sorry to be boringly diplomatic but I don’t think anyone in our band could be considered “spiteful”…a band is supposed to be a family so you would hope each one would run to save the other!

You’ve rescued all 101 Dalmatian puppies from Cruella De Vil, who wants to keep them all rather than return them?

Definitely Phoebe (vocalist). But I will fight her for those puppies!

The band’s adapted the characters from The Jungle Book, who’s Kaa the snake and who’s Baloo the cool bear?

I think Anthony (bass), our longest serving band member, is a good Baloo, he is the calming one. Seeing as Kaa is hundred years old and still in his prime it’s probably me, haha!

Who takes on the character of Aladdin? Are they motivated enough to seek help from the genie?

I think Jack, our drummer, is the most Alladin-esque – he is the boy wonder of the group. He needs no Genie.

Who takes every opportunity to break out in song?

Austin (vocalist/keys/guitar) has a keen mind for spontaneous musical theatre.

Which Disney song are you guys most excited to put an indie spin on?

I’ll tell you now it isn’t going to be Let It Go. Circle of Life has always been my favourite, if we could ever possibly do it any justice. It’s pretty much perfect as is.

Your music’s pretty unusual, what’s inspired your sound the most?

Pioneers, heroes, and other visionaries that do nothing but inspire. 

When can we expect an album from you guys?

Our debut album ‘Animus’ is out Friday 1 April!

Who are three artists you can’t get enough of right now?

Right now, Cody Chestnut (late discovery, I know), Dirty Projectors, and St Vincent.

Mayfair Kytes Album Launch Dates

The Workers Club, Melbourne
The Vanguard, Sydney