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Xylo Aria Drops Hauntingly Beautiful video for ‘Paradigm’


Xylo Aria’s music video for Paradigm is a black and white chaotic mix of burning photos, a murderous bashing, and a masked cult. It has dark undertones, an unpredictable storyline, and an intense dance scene we can’t get enough of!

The song is a mixture of Aria’s beautiful vocals and a chilling male backing vocals with a simplistic beat and some chanted lyrics that engage in an eerie way you’ll have to hear to understand. With the addition of a creepy black and white video, this song will send shivers down your spine!

The entirely colourless video opens with some gorgeous shots of water droplets dripping from a ceiling, burning photos, and a man trying to evade some shady lookin’ dudes. The clip follows the man on a journey as he attempts to escape a cult-like group as well as the masked person within himself, only visible in his reflection. You never learn why the man is being hunted down but you never really question it either, it just kind of makes sense in a weirdly abstract way.

The masked ringleader watches on as three burly guys completely wail on the main protagonist, making us cringe but we just can’t look away! This brutal battle, both in reality and in his mind, mixed with Aria’s hypnotic vocals is so emotive and slightly haunting you’ll have to shoulder-check to make sure nobody’s there.

There’s a super edgy dance scene that logically shouldn’t work with the style of the clip but instead it adds another layer to the beautifully tragic timeline within the video. The trippy sequence then flips with the main dude taking off the mask in his reflection, then taking off the mask in reality and then throwing it on the floor like some twisted mic drop. It’s crazy, it’s creepy and it’ll have you hooked!

Check out the music video for Paradigm below!