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Y.O.G.A. Unveils Electrifying Country Anthem ‘Rodeo’ Featuring AViVA

Today marks the release of Rodeo, the latest electrifying single from Y.O.G.A. – the brainchild of Peking Duk’s Reuben Styles. Teaming up with Nashville-based sensation AViVA, Y.O.G.A. delivers a “balls to the wall country” track that seamlessly blends electronic beats with country vibes. Produced by MSquared, ‘Rodeo’ arrives just ahead of Y.O.G.A.’s highly anticipated debut performance at California’s iconic Stagecoach festival, where he’ll share the stage with country music’s biggest names.

Reuben Styles shares his inspiration behind ‘Rodeo,’ describing it as a cheeky passion project that explores the escapism and simplicity of country music. Collaborating with AViVA added a special flavour to the track, with her unique vocals infusing an extra layer of depth and energy.

“I’ve always wanted to go full balls to the wall country! ‘Rodeo’ is about it genuinely being my first rodeo. If electronic music is my trade, then country music is my cheeky passion. There’s an escapism with country music that you just don’t get elsewhere. It always reminds me of simpler times – some songs are straight up being about driving a ute and having beers with your mates. I guess it constantly reminds you that the little things in life are just golden.” – Y.O.G.A

Y.O.G.A. isn’t just about music; it’s a platform for promoting mindfulness and sparking conversations about mental health. With Y.O.G.A.’s infectious beats and positive message, audiences worldwide are in for a musical journey like no other.

As Y.O.G.A. prepares to unleash a whirlwind of bangers at Stagecoach, including collaborations with icons like Jimmy Barnes and Kaylee Bell, it’s clear that greatness knows no bounds in the world of Y.O.G.A.

Saddle up and join the hoedown with ‘Rodeo’ – the ultimate fusion of country and electronic music.

Written by Chris Lamaro