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Yeo’s New Single “Frost” Will Melt Your Cold Cold Heart


2k16 has been a productive year for Melbourne-based artist Yeo, with the release of his album ‘Ganbaru’ in February and a follow-up national tour. Never one to laze around, Yeo’s dropped a new single Frost, and it’s an electro-pop slice of delight!

The track starts with tinny vocals that still manage to hold some of Yeo’s characteristic RnB style. It holds you in this chill vibe for a moment before dropping into a funky chorus underpinned by drums from bandmate Andrew Congues. The groovy sound belies the melancholy nature of the lyrics, with heart-breaking lines like “Every time I see you leave in the mirror/I wonder what we’re even here for” painting a bleak picture.

Frost is an apt title, with Yeo himself describing the concept as “the extreme gravity you sometimes feel when there’s an unresolved issue between you and your lover…you want to sort it out as soon as possible”.

Despite the bleak message, once Frost starts it’s impossible to sit still. Maybe a good boogie can help work through those relationship issues!

Anyone lucky enough to live in Melbourne will be able to catch Yeo live at Melbourne Music Week. Check out the shows dates and new single below!

Yeo at Melbourne Music Week

Valve Sounds, State Library of Victoria
ZOO: Live Music Safari, Section 8

Get Tickets HERE