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Yorke Launches For The Stars With Her Latest Offering, ‘Gravity’

Byron Bay darling Yorke reaches for the stars with her latest single, Gravity. It’s an anthemic pop single that illustrates the growth we’ve seen since releasing her super well received debut EP Liberosis in March.

Yorke has teamed up with some impressive names to pull Gravity together. It sees help from Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie) Hank Solo (Lil Peep, ALMA) and Japanese Wallpaper.

Lryically this one has a clever touch. It tells a tale of a love story between an alien and human who are struggling to exist within each others orbit. “Think ‘intergalactic Romeo and Juliet’ minus the tragedy,” says Yorke.

Yorke and Japanese Wallpaper were banged up on the caffeine when writing this one, running on multiple cups of coffee. . “We channeled it all into the energy of the song. For me, it feels like the perfect fusion of both Gab and I’s influences, and probably the first time I’ve felt completely authentic as an artist.” she says.

Hank Solo added his touch of pop to the production and Chris Walla finished off the mix. The final result is a track that encompasses big emotions, beautiful productions and a pop sound that is the signature Yorke vibe.

Gravity is available now, everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro