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You Won’t Need Any Help To Enjoy Clap Clap Riot’s Bangin’ New Single

Clap Clap Riot presser

Talented indie-rock lads Clap Clap Riot have plucked their swayin’ new single Help Me straight off their third studio album, which is set to be released early 2017.

Over the process of recording the new single and album the 5-piece have developed some really raw material. “From the first demo through to the recording we felt like we had stumbled across something special”, says guitarist Dave Rowlands.

And it’s safe to say the track could not have been released at a better time! As we wave winter slowly goodbye the band introduce some summery vibes and will leave you desiring a vay-cay to “San Fran Scisco”.

Help Me begins with some slow guitar strums before the chorus jumps into some elevated piano chords and lead singer Stephen Heard’s flowing vocals. Yes it provides some blissful summer vibes with its combination of surf guitar and percussion, but the lyrics leave you feeling a little philosophical, providing a few undertones of isolation and self-struggle, “I’m barely hanging on the line/help me”.

It’s a beautiful contrast of delightful harmonies and lyrical thought which is a unique concept that these Kiwi lads are adding to the pop-rock genre, making for an awesome taste for the album. Bring on the album in 2017!