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Zombeaches Reveal Sophomore Album, ‘A Taste of Oxygen’

Post-punk outfit Zombeaches just dropped their second full-length LP titled ‘A Taste Of Oxygen’; a dark, introspective and dynamic body of work that explores themes of isolation, connection and hope.

From the opening riffs on ‘Laughing Under A Beating Sun’ the listener is fully immersed in the chaotic beauty that is Zombeaches. With dissonant guitar leads coming from every direction and a commanding, preacher-like performance from vocalist James Young, the band manage to create an immediate sense of atmosphere that carries on throughout the rest of the sprawling album.

Tracks such as ‘A Taste Of Oxygen’, ‘Now In Red’ and ‘Nocturne’ showcase the band firing on all cylinders – with blistering riffs and a relentless rhythmic backing that steadily drives the band’s frantic sound, with every member adding their own unique element to the albums sonic tapestry. Whilst this huge sound makes up a large portion of the tracklisting here, songs such as ‘Forever Bright’ demonstrate a more emotive, understated side to the band, pulling all the focus to the beautiful imagery presented in Young’s vocals.

The band are based in the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, and have given us a list of their favourite bands from the area!

Runnin’ Hot 

Love hanging out with Frankston’s Running Hot! Always an absolute blast of energy and epic times! Hard working rock band and oneof my favourite live acts to see and got great memories when they opened things up at Ninch Fest a few years back. Love a band who has a song with the same name as the band, always rocks!

Speed Mullet 

A bit of a Frankston/Peninsula mix here. Another band we have seen grow and evolve. I think they are on a bit of a hiatus atm. But heard there are some new ideas/projects in the works.

Redro Redriguez & His Inner Demons 

Red was the glue and heart of Mornington Peninsula rock! He was a huge supporter of us and our live sessions we tracked with him are amongst our favourite recordings. We unfortunately lost Redro in April this year (2024) but his spirit and soul will always be ingrained into our band and all our musical endeavors.

See Me was part of his last release, And i think is a perfect example of a poppy/catchy hard hitting rock song that didn’t get the credit it deserved.

Public House 

The newest Peninsula band to hit the scene this year is Public House. Wolfgang from Stiff Richards who guest vocals on our record is again up the front. I went to high school with bass player Stringer and actually taught drummer Kalani maths in high school.

The Belair Lip Bombs 

Been watching the Lip Bombs from their formation and super proud of everything they have already achieved and so exciting to have bands from our are getting noticed and kicking ass!

Written by John Zebra