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Zombie Apocalypse Q&A: Mary Handsome

Mary Handsome2

Mary Handsome are shaking up Brisbane’s music scene with the awesome lead track Banksia from their debut self-titled EP. We got to know all about the guy’s zombie apocalypse strategies and a influences behind their sound.

You’re in the city when the zombie apocalypse breaks out, where do you guys hide out?

QUT Foodcourt! We would have beer, food, shelter, and if we needed to get to higher ground, we could.

Which band member do you leave in charge of the food rations and who’s in charge of the shotgun?

Dan would take the job of food rationing as Reid would eat it all and Roy would probably just lose it. Ari can have the shotgun because he plays a lot of Halo.

You find a bunch of weapons, who’s not allowed near them and who’s the ammo guy?

We would all hold our own with the weapons but Roy needs to avoid the heavy artillery. Don’t know who would hold the ammo but I hope there would be plenty of it, because if we’re fighting zombies, we’re going to be trigger happy.

You have to pick your getaway car: Land Cruiser or Audi TT?

Land Cruiser with some fat bull bars.

How many number of ‘taps’ is the right amount to kill a zombie?

Double tap…always.

The rations are gone, where do you break into first? Who do you send in to do it?

Woolies for sure, Dan can head in first as he can climb if he needs to escape any zombies hiding out.

Who reveals their till now kept secret MMA skills?

Roy, could imagine him tying up his hair and breaking out a 360 spinning fly kick.

Which band member would be eaten by a zombie first?

Reid, as he’s the biggest and has the most flesh on him.

We’re pretty big fans of Banksia, what would you say had the biggest influence on your sound?

We seem to be influenced by our current environment a lot, Banksia garnered inspiration through Roy spending a bit of time at his parent’s house down in Byron. All the little hooks and leads come from just being in a room and jamming out super loud. The song had a really simple base and we just started layering it on from there with everyone evoking ideas.

What’s the next big thing for Mary Handsome?

New recordings and looking to do more shows out of Brisbane, we have loads of new material that we are itching for people to hear.