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A Quartet of Quality Cosmic Pop Jams

CREPES with Hidden Star


A band as delicious as their namesake. Crepes have created a dreamy summer haze of a track with Hidden Star. Any fans of Mac DeMarco, Tame Impala, or Unknown Mortal Orchestra are in for a treat with the lush tunes from this Melbournian 6-piece.

Sure, some could argue that with Tame Impala’s huge global domination there has been a sharp, fad-like increase in the amount of dreamy-psychedelia inspired music. But is that really a bad thing? Wouldn’t the world be better off with more Tame?

Nevertheless, with it’s spiralling guitar solo and airy vocals, Hidden Star is as smooth and creamy as Nutella. This genuine cosmic rainstorm is something you should most definitely keep on your radar and the gang is playing a bunch of shows across Australia. Now is the best time to envelope yourself with their sound!

Crepes Tour Dates

Blurst of Times Festival, Brisbane

Karova Lounge, Ballarat

The Curtin, Melbourne

Newtown Social Club, Sydney

Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Mojo’s Bar, Fremantle

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FRIDA with Limbo

Sometimes it’s refreshing to hear a piano played straight. Not to say that synths aren’t great, but getting back to the roots and hearing an OG piano sound is just really nice sometimes. In Limbo, Melbournian outifit Frida say ‘porque no los dos?’ and match the two types of piano very snuggly.

With impassioned vocals and drippy embellishments this is the musical embodiment of an overcast, lazy Wednesday afternoon. The layering of all the separate elements engulf the breezy vocals and turn the song into a big cloud of sound. It’s really lovely stuff.

HIGHASAKITE with Golden Ticket


You may remember Highasakite from their super popular 2014 track Since Last Wednesday. Well this Norwegian 5-piece are back with a new track and a new album ‘Camp Echo‘. Golden Ticket is reaching far more into the pop side of their indie-pop offerings, but it’s a wonderfully buoyant release.

With their chin up and pep in their step, Highasakite show their confidence with bold vocal lines and soaring synths. ‘Camp Echo’ is set for release on May 20 and is sure to delight the masses.

LANDINGS with My Bones


Finally, we transition into full blown indie-pop. Landings burst into our mix with a fun-filled track complete with bouncy guitar and hopeful melodies. These Brissy natives have created a definite summer jam…or potentially an ad jingle for some cool new technology or a fancy car that can talk.

It’s upbeat, fast paced, and just a great time in general. With all your classic pop embellishments, Vampire Weekend-esque guitar riffs and a music video crafted entirely from footage of their escapades on their recent European tour. My Bones is a spoonful of good natured friendliness. Word on the street is, these guys may be playing a really cool 5th birthday party soon…