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Air Circus Serve Up A Juicy New Track, ‘The Last Time’ (Feat. Dj Maisie Mais)

Reading-based duo Air Circus have provided the soundtrack for the UK Summer, with their killer new single ‘The Last Time’ (Feat. Dj Maisie Mais).

Forming in the spring of 2019, Air Circus consists of Adam Adrian (guitar, bass, drums, vocals) and Dan Follant (piano, synths, drum machine, production). Citing their main influences as Mac Demarco, Tame Impala, Her’s and Gorillaz, lately they’ve also found themselves inspired by artists like MF DOOM.

The duo spoke about their penchant for collaborative work, saying “working with other artists has really opened new doors for us. Everyone brings something different to the table, and it makes the creative process so vibrant and enjoyable.”

In this vein, ‘The Last Time’ sees the boys pair up with DJ Maisie Mais to create a massive indie-pop tune featuring her Lily Allen-esq vocal delivery. It’s a mimosa in the morning type of vibe, with super dancey, upbeat guitars and a sick beat.


Inspired by Finneas O’connell’s creation processes with Billie Eilish’s tracks, they explored using and recording unconventional sounds. They explained, “we rummaged around our houses to find what we could use to make some interesting sounds. Our favourite sound used in ‘The Last Time’ is the spraying of a Lynx deodorant can that we used as the hi-hat (and open hi-hat) throughout the track”

Lyrically, the track explores Maisie’s experience of “holding desperately onto friendships and relationships, despite knowing the outcome will always be an argument”. Air Circus mused, “that self-awareness acts as a sounding board of frustrations, questioning whether she will make it ‘the last time’ or keep getting hurt.”

Inject some sunshine into your day and have a listen to ‘The Last Time’ now!

Written by Alice Powell