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Album Review: Hey Geronimo ‘Crashing Into The Sun’

Hey Geronimo

Here’s all you need to know about Brisbane alt-pop rockers Hey Geronimo: they’re five songwriters who have delivered one debut album with twelve killer songs. Not bad for a band that started out as “a bunch of guys f*cking around”.

Millions Of Miles kicks off the album, a short track featuring a slow drum and guitar build-up accompanied by atmospheric vocals.  The track sets the theme of the album ‘Crashing Into The Sun’, matching the album artwork’s bold statement – the world’s ending, but we’re too busy with our phones to care. Millions Of Miles may be a quick track, but it sure is an impactful one!

Lazer Gun Show, the name says it all! The bright effects at the very beginning of this track create a sound straight out of an old-school fight scene. Complete with laser-esque guitar melodies, this is a happy-go-lucky tune perfect for yelling out at a pub with mates. From the catchy “Hey! Ho! Where did the sun go?” to the quick and bouncy verse lyrics, Lazer Gun Show is the perfect tune to put you in the mood for a weekend bender filled with good times.

“Crashing Into The Sun is easily the standout track of the album, covering important issues while still having fun.”

The album’s title track Crashing Into The Sun begins with lead singer Peter Kilroy’s muffled, distorted vocals over a simple guitar melody. It sounds almost as if he’s singing through a megaphone, giving the song a very surfy feel. The lyrics condemn our obsession with tweeting and ‘gramming, and cluelessness as to what the hell is happening to our planet. “I called the police they told me never to call this number again/So I turned to social media where I couldn’t find a single friend”. Crashing Into The Sun is easily the standout track of the album, with Hey Geronimo covering important issues while still having fun.

Boredom is a warped rock song featuring a heavy guitar riff throughout. In the album’s lead single, Hey Geronimo experiment with heavier guitar, vocal harmonies, and a more in-depth drumbeat. Boredom is a belter of a tune that’ll have you re-watching the fun music video over and over.

Slowing things down, Bermuda shows off Peter Kilroy’s impressive vocal talent. Following five knock-out party anthems, the lethargic opening lines, textured vocals, and feel-good melody of Bermuda will leave you feeling refreshed.

Bake A Cake is a stupidly cheery song – the kind of tune you hum along to on one of those days when everything goes right. It’s guaranteed to get your feet tapping and you’ll have the lyrics “You gotta bake a cake from the mistakes you made” stuck in your head all day.

“Slow burner Garble Arch will take you to a near-dream state with consistent soft harmonics over an all-acoustic wall of sound.”

The ironically-named second-last track Finale is full of unexpected turns from start to finish. Starting off quite dark, the build-up to the chorus is accompanied by a synthesiser-driven melody, a chorus of “Aaaaahs”, and a complete change in vocal direction. The song then slows down, giving an expected guitar solo a miss and instead working in a soothing melody featuring Kilroy’s voice beneath a high-pitched harmony, and ending with an emphatic guitar and drum combination.

Diverging from this journey of bangers, happy-go-lucky tunes, and party anthems, ‘Crashing Into The Sun’ finishes with slow-burner Garble Arch. With its consistent soft harmonies over an all-acoustic wall of sound, the final track will take you to a near-dream state.

‘Crashing Into The Sun’ is a fun album full of tunes you could chuck on any party playlist and enjoy a few bevvies to, but it’s also more than that. The theme of a planet in crisis is interwoven throughout the tracks, delivering an important social message in a loveable package.

Hey Geronimo’s debut full-length album ‘Crashing Into The Sun’ is out now!

Album Rating: 4

Hey Geronimo ‘Crashing Into The Sun’ Tour Dates

Rocket Bar, Adelaide
Shebeen, Melbourne
Newtown Social Club, Sydney
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

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