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Album Review: Peter Bjorn and John ‘Breakin’ Point’

Peter Bjorn and John

After a five year wait, Stockholm-based trio Peter Bjorn and John are gearing up for the release of their seventh studio album ‘Breakin’ Point’. Steering away from the sounds of their 2006 popular track Young Folks, the indie-pop group have experimented with a range of different synthesisers and drums, which make for a lo-fi 80s electronic dance album. While their 2011 album ‘Gimmie Some’ was a guitar-driven pop record, ‘Breakin’ Point’ delivers big pop anthems that have used a bunch of complex sounds resulting in an experimental, modern album.

The album kicks off with Dominos, a refreshing feel-good song that experiments with vocal effects and a handclap beat that gets your feet tapping and voice humming. A great song to start off the album, firmly pointing the album in an upbeat (and happy go-lucky) direction.

“This could go out to a pissed off past lover or an old friend…”

Every good album needs a guilty love song or two, however Love Is What You Want and Do-Si-Do take away the sappiness of a your typical love song, resulting in two uplifting tracks that maintain the positive electro-pop genre that ‘Breakin’ Point’ is all about.

What You Talking About? is a track full of catchy one-liners, “Tell me less and I will listen/Tell me truth and I’ll be gone”. The whistle motif of Young Folks is regenerated in What You Talking About, a funk driven track accompanied with lyrics that could be put in relation to anyone,”Our acquaintance has been so-so/I can’t understand where my patience has gone”. This could go out to a pissed off past lover or an old friend…

The album’s title track, Breakin’ Point, slows the album’s down without losing it’s happy vibes, using yet another whistling melody (surely the group’s signature sound). The textured layers of this track and uplifting vocals leave you in an inspired mood that makes you feel like you can go for that jog you’ve been putting off for the past three months.

In This Town makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a time where leg warmers were in and Billy Idol was the man. Maintaining a simple drumbeat being dubbed with a bunch of contrasting synths, In This Town creates an easy-going listening experience that would fit perfectly in an old school rom-com.

“Lyrically, this song is upsetting, but musically the song is super perky, creating sounds that resemble chirping birds over an electronic melody.”

With the opening lyrics,”You got a troubled soul/I got a troubled mind”, Between The Lines portrays a back and forth relationship between two people who want different things. Lyrically, this song is upsetting, but musically the song is super perky, creating sounds that resemble chirping birds over an electronic melody.

Finishing with the most fun track title but unfortunately the least catchy track on the album, Pretty Dumb Pretty Lame takes on a bouncy acoustic guitar-driven pop sound. The corniness of this track somehow wears off, as it gradually builds up to an anthem you’d sing along to at your local pub, a few drinks are required though…

On first listen to ‘Breakin’ Point’, each song blends and sounded quite similar. Going back for a second however, it’s evident each song has been well thought out as the trio are straying away from the sounds on their previous 2011 album ‘Gimme Some’, yet keep their signature ‘Peter Bjorn and John-y’ sound (whistles a’plenty!). All in all, ‘Breakin’ Point’ is a funky album that joyfully brings out the 80s, with that unique Swedish touch and flair.

Peter Bjorn and John will be gracing our shores for a couple of shows in July, more info below, and read our interview with Bjorn Yttling HERE.

Album Rating: 3.5

Peter Bjorn John Breakin Point Artwork

Peter Bjorn and John 2016 Australian Live Dates

The Metro Theatre, Sydney
The Corner Hotel, Richmond
FRI 22 July
Splendour In The Grass, Byron Bay

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