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Anna O Returns With Fiery New Single, ‘Falling’

Perth/Boorloo indie-pop artist Anna O has today revealed her fiery new single, Falling. The commanding new single follows her previous hit, Set It On Fire and her recent award for Song Of The Year at the WAM awards.

Infused with an uncharted and bold ferocity, beautifully juxtaposed with her signature delicacy, ‘Falling’ is a poignant journey through self-discovery, delving fearlessly into the profound emotions that emerge when we confront the darkest corners of our existence.

For me, this song is about what it can feel like when you’re willing to start asking the hard questions, and then listen to that deep inner dialogue that is so often drowned out by everyday life.” – Anna O.

Unveiling a remarkably bolder and more profound aspect of her artistry, Anna O mesmerisingly reveals her depths through ‘Falling’. The song commences with gentle vocals and ethereal keys, gradually evolving into a sonic tapestry woven with intricate synths and skilful percussion. This complex layering creates a captivatingly edgy ambience, showcasing Anna’s mastery of the musical atmosphere.

Guided by the creative prowess of producer Luke Minness (known for his work with PRISCILLA and Have A Good Day), their collaboration emerges as an indomitable artistic dynamo, surpassing even the loftiest standards set by their previous acclaimed works. This synergistic alliance has given birth to an irresistible alternative pop anthem, pulsating with unfiltered emotion and an electrifying fervour.

Anna O’s new single, Falling is available now, everywhere.


Written by John Zebra