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Banks Of The Beautiful Show Beautiful Musical Diversity On ‘Not Gonna Lie’

Last year, we premiered the debut track from Gold Coast duo Banks of the Beautiful titled, Favourite. Striking while the iron is incredibly hot, their back and doing the old switcharoo on new single, Not Gonna Lie.

Not Gonna Lie is the polar opposite of what this band showed us last year—here, a much more delicate and diverse appraisal to their sound. The track shows immediate reliability and mature depth—a much more stripped back tempo and sonic shift. Both from the look and sound of the single, comparisons to the Kills’ Alison Mossheart come to mind and the single could easily be an amazing album closer.

The only thing that’s akin to their previous single is continuing their work with producer Paul Blakey who’s current claim to fame is his incredible work with Amy Shark. Banks of the Beautiful’s lead woman, Lou Kacer, states the band’s material revolves around love and relationship, but Not Gonna Lie deals with the colder side of that coin.

It’s a complete contrast to the first single. Our first single favourite was a celebration of love and relationships, whereas ‘Not Gonna Lie’ touches on the emotions associated with unrequited love,” explains Kacer.

Both Not Gonna Lie and Favourite will feature on the group’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Unscheduled Departure’ due for release later this year on Boombox Recordings.

Banks of the Beautiful currently have no shows on the horizon. Be sure to keep on AAA Backstage for any show announcements as we have to experience this dynamic duo in the flesh. In the meantime, stream the beauty of Not Gonna Lie below.

Written by Jake Wilton