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Benji Lewis Reveals Another Dream Tune, ‘Jump This Train’

Melbourne singer-songwriter and AAA favourite, Benji Lewis, recently returned with another taste of his forthcoming EP with the single, Jump This Train. It follows on from his well-received previous single, Head Rush.

Jump This Train carries that dreamy sound we’ve come to know from Benji. Smooth chords floating around with Benji’s heart-tugging vocal work, and some top-shelf production put this up as some of Benji’s best work. The track is written about trust and living life to the fullest.

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“This is a song about freedom, trust and living life as if it were one big adventure! As I reflect on this song it makes me think of the animated Disney film Aladdin, and specifically where he asks Jasmone, ‘Do you trust me?’. I feel this song is asking the same thing of the listener, don’t be afraid of the possibility of love and falling for someone. It can be a beautiful thing if you just give in a little and open yourself up to new possibilities.”Benji Lewis

Jump This Train is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro