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Blaire Continue To Push The Shoegaze Envelope On ‘Mimer’


Shoegaze is a tough genre to crack, but Blaire have an ethereal branding that goes a long way. ‘Mimer’ is the Gold Coast trio’s latest and pushes their sonic envelope even further.

The group’s crushing pathos of warped guitars and bending time signatures makes a quick comeback. ‘Mimer’ is the first we’ve heard from the band in more than a year and the time between tracks has really paid off. The guitar tones are completely foreign with plenty of depth mashed against the incredibly solid drumming.

Interestingly, this is the first song of Blaire’s to use a synthesiser, which means they are continuing to experiment and find increasingly dire new sounds for their musical world.

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Sparked by the passing of a family member, Blaire frontman Ben Stagg constructed a contrast of “efflorescent dreaming” and “ephemeral nightmares” to deal with or distract himself in that time.

Mimer takes a look at the idea of distance,” explains Stagg. “Whether that be a friend who lives far away, someone who’s passed, a favourite place, country, anything. It is a reflection on the fact that you can still feel whatever’s missing from you in a range of ways, and can be ‘mimed’ by something else.”

Stream ‘Mimer’ below.

Written by John Zebra